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 How to create your own Family/Faction and Format to Apply

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How to create your own Family/Faction and Format to Apply Empty
PostSubject: How to create your own Family/Faction and Format to Apply   How to create your own Family/Faction and Format to Apply Icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2009 2:56 pm

l__How to create your own Family/Faction__l

If you want to create your own family/faction you must do the following steps written down here.

The Requirements you would need are:

Full description of your gang and whats skins you need and you can't change it after you post so it must be 100% Perfect.
Your gang must RP for a period of time before getting official.
You must be lvl 3 or higher.
You would need aleast 250k cash to give to the admins, when your getting official.
You must have 5 Members before applying for a family/faction.

1. Your first step of getting your family/faction together is that you have to gather 5 players for your gang.

2. The second step is applying for your family/faction, it MUST include your family/faction name, members, background story, your desire HQ and cars ( Picture ).

3. Third step is that you will wait until your family/faction gets accepted.

4. Fourth is when your gang is accepted and an admin will write in your application that your gang is accept and your gang will need to RP for a period of time before you get your gang. In that period if your gang is DMing and breaking server rules your gang will be declined.

5. Last step is that your gang will be offical ( which means in the /families ) and your gang HQ and cars will be coded in.

l__Family/Faction Application Format__l

Family/Faction Name :
( Put your family name there )

Members :
( Put your 10 members here )

Background Story:
( Must be 500 - 1000 Words )

HQ and Cars:
( Put in the picture of your HQ and the ID's for your cars )

Admin Approval:
( Don't type anything here )

l__Families Slots__l

Picture of the skins will be in shortly

Family Slot 1: Taken (Grove Street Families)

Family Slot 2: Taken (Red Mountain Surenos)

Family Slot 3: Free

Family Slot 4: Free

Family Slot 5: Free

Family Slot 6: Taken (American Alcatraz)

Family Slot 7: Free

Family Slot 8: Free

Family Slot 9: Free

Family Slot 10: Free

Family Slot 11: Free

Family Slot 12: Free
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How to create your own Family/Faction and Format to Apply
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