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 Kofee_Tennpenny LS-PD Application

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PostSubject: Kofee_Tennpenny LS-PD Application   Kofee_Tennpenny LS-PD Application Icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2009 8:37 pm

OOC Info:


Country/State?: Bentonville, AR

IC Information:

Name: Kofee_Tennpenny


Date of Birth:03/27/82

Address: Don’t have an address.

Phone Number: 4958

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?:No I have never.

Have you ever committed a crime? : No I haven't.

Have you ever been arrested? : No I haven't.

Have you ever sold/taken/used/held a illegal narcotic and or weapon?:No

Do you have legal documentation stating you can live and work in San Andreas?:Yes I do...I moved in LS when I was 21.

How long have you lived in Los Santos?:I have lived in Los Santos for six years.

Why do you want to become a Los Santos Police Officer? (Must be 350 words):Why I want to be a Los Santos Police Officer? Well, when I was little my parents in Liberty City were killed by a stranger robbing our house when I was eight years old. The robber messed with my parents and I wasn't too pleased. Of course I cried and promised myself to become part of the police force one day and stop this crime! The time came and time passed...I went to The University of Los Santos (College) and passed. I was in College for eight years. Most of the time it was in Liberty City, but I switched Colleges. Now I want to save and serve for others and make Los Santos a safer and promising place to live away from crime. Now I am waiting for my future to succeed as an Officer of the LSPD.A couple more reasons I want to be an Officer is so I can protect citizens from danger and stop the drunken buffoons who cruise around in the streets. Also if I became a Cop I would try my absolute hardest to track and hunt down illegal weapons’, drugs, and stolen vehicles. I think I would make a great Cop and a good influence on the City and its people. My background is clean and I have no illegal weapons’ or drugs of any kind. Evil and crime will stop in this city and they will be defeated and be put in prison. Now I know at first I will probably be a rookie for a while, but as my respect fulfills I will soon be known for what I have/will done. I wish to see all of my goals of this city to be met, and they will be. I have a dream were Los Santos and its gangs will soon grow out of there ghettos and become friends with one another and the crime and disrespect for others will be stopped at once.This shows that the LSPD needs my help, the city needs their help, and I need their help to completing my future.My motto is crime will do the time. This is why I want to be part of the Los Santos Police Department!
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Kofee_Tennpenny LS-PD Application
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