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 Dwayne_Smith LSPD application

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PostSubject: Dwayne_Smith LSPD application   Dwayne_Smith LSPD application Icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2009 8:31 pm

OOC Info:

Age: 15

Country/State?: Illinois

IC Information:

Name: Dwayne_smith


Date of Birth:9/9/84'

Address:don't have one

Phone Number:5828

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?:never

Have you ever committed a crime?:never

Have you ever been arrested?:never

Have you ever sold/taken/used/held a illegal narcotic and or weapon?:never

Do you have legal documentation stating you can live and work in San Andreas?: yes

How long have you lived in Los Santos?:25 years

Why do you want to become a Los Santos Police Officer? (Must be 350 words):I want to patrol the streets looking for criminals. I want to clean up the streets of Los Santos. When I was 17, I was out with my friends gangsters came by looking for trouble. We told them we weren't looking for trouble and they started shooting at us. We jumped in the car and got away. One stray bullet put me in the hospital for 4 months; the other bullet killed my friend. I had known him ever since I was 5, and knowing that his mother was not ever going to see him again just made me mad. I thought about revenge several times but then I thought that is the not right thing to do and ever since then I have been wondering about that night he died, when he was dying in my arms and I was telling him he would be ok, telling him that the ambulance was on its way. He told me to tell everyone what happened and not let them get away with this. I thought what differently I could have done that night. Two months later my father was killed. Just outside the house the local gangs were having a shootout. A stray bullet flew through the house and killed my father, I was heartbroken and my mother went into a spiraling depression three and a half weeks later she died. She was so depressed and so now I had lost my friends and family and had no one really to turn to. Even though no one helped me I made it through high school and 8 years of college and am currently looking for a job as a cop. If there is one thing I learned from living in Los Santos is that there is a lot of criminals and gang violence in that area. I want do not let the same thing that happened to me happen to some one else. No one should have to deal with that. I will patrol the city helping everyone in direr need. I will serve and protect the citizens of Los Santos. This is why I want to be a police officer and I hope you accept this application.
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Dwayne_Smith LSPD application
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