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 Los Santos Housing Authority Application

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Los Santos Housing Authority Application Empty
PostSubject: Los Santos Housing Authority Application   Los Santos Housing Authority Application Icon_minitimeFri Mar 27, 2009 1:03 pm

Los Santos Housing Authority Application 2vmhdhv

Los Santos Housing Authority

1) Interior you want - the number of it (Available interiors);
2) Location name;
3) A screenshot of a house with it's entrance;
4) Coordinates of the entrance (either x,y,z or full text you get in savedpositions.txt, see below how to get coordinates)

How to get the coordinates of a house entrance:
- Connect to the server;
- Go to the entrance point, right where the "i" should be;
- Do the command: /save my house;
- Quit or minimize the game;
- Go to your GTA San Andreas folder;
- Find and open a text file savedpositions.txt;
- Copy the last line with a comment // my house;
- Paste it in your application.
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Los Santos Housing Authority Application
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