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 The Life of Glob Pactac

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The Life of Glob Pactac Empty
PostSubject: The Life of Glob Pactac   The Life of Glob Pactac Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 10:23 am

Glob grew up in a small home in the crest with a mom a dad and his dad's mistress. (( lol! )) Glob never really could get a girlfriend or any friends for that matter when he was in his teens. At the age of 26, Glob was out of college and looking into a job with technical design/technical engineer. By this time, he was nearly on the streets because he had to sleep with the gay neighbor to get past paying the rent. On the second time, he said fuck you, and just took his stuff out of his house and lived in a cardboard box in front of the local K-Mart. By this time he was looking into a job that payed up to a couple million a year.. Computer Engineer. So ofcourse, he went for the job. A few years later, Glob was a rich son of a bitch with milions of dollars and a huge 3.5 million dollar mansion. By this time, ofcourse, he had all of the women he wanted, and put a hit on the gay landlord back at his old house. Now Glob needed to start thinking about his parents who were terribly in debt and about to lose their home. He did not know what to do so he gave them a few million dollars because he is kind hearted. (( I love you )) By the time Glob was in his 40s, both of hi parents had died from lung cancer as they smoked whenever they could. Glob turned out very successful in his life.. Girls, money, mansions, etc., Glob is still living 'til this day and is doing great.

TNT Roleplay Creator, Manager, and Administrator, -Glob
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The Life of Glob Pactac
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