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PostSubject: AutoHotkey   AutoHotkey Icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2009 1:41 pm

Auto Hotkey

What is Auto Hotkey?
Auto Hotkey is a program to make things easier while in game.
If you press a key that you set on your keyboard using Auto hotkey, you will say a whole setence.
How to download Auto Hotkey

Getting started with Auto Hotkey.
After you have downloaded the autohotkey program,
to get something started,
click on the Autohotkey.exe program.

What do i do now?
A white H with a green backround should appear,
at the bottom right of your screen,
right click on it, and click "Edit This Script".
It should come up with a license and a whole lot of other stuff.
Just press ctrl+a and then backspace,
and this is when you get started using the program.

Basic hotkeys.
For a basic like to /getmats or /usepot,
simply copy this text.
^g::Send t/getmats{enter}
^e::Send t/usepot{enter}
You may not understand what the hell that means at first,
let me explain.
The getmats for example, the ^ icon is for ctrl, and the g is for g
obviously, so if you want to use that bind, you press ctrl+g.
after the bind is complete.

How do i create my own bind?
Simply delete the text inside the ^e::Send t"/sellcar"{enter},
create the command you want it to type.

How do i make a global bind
If you just wanna say something globally,
don't add the /.
If I wanted to say something to represent grove,
I would type ^s::Send tGrove street for life{enter},
if you want to shout that,
you can add a t"/s(hout)" Grove street for life{enter}


What is a macro?
A macro is where you can press 1 button and end up saying more than 1 sentence.
(more than t/getmats)

How do i make a macro?
If you want to create a macro,
then you can just add another hotkey after the {enter}"t[insert text here]"
^5::Send t/quitjob{enter} t/join{enter} t/accept job{enter}

Instant hotkeys

How do i make a lot of binds that happens instantly?
To make a hotkey that happens instantly, it should look like this
'^g::Sendinput t/getmats{enter}'
You can also use it in Macros like for t/quitjob, t/join, t/accept job.
Just add input.

The End

If you still don't understand how to use autohotkey,
just give me a PM in game or on the forums or,
even leave a comment.
Hope this comes in handy for some cops or even some new players.
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PostSubject: Re: AutoHotkey   AutoHotkey Icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2009 1:59 pm

Thanks man - Very useful and helpful. Listen good everyone because this is the server owner talking lol.. I RECOMMEND THIS IT HELPS A WHOLE BUNCH! Great for /me's /m's cop commands, etc., basically everything. Thanks for posting the tutorial Bill lol!
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PostSubject: Starter Keybinds   AutoHotkey Icon_minitimeFri Mar 27, 2009 1:23 pm

f1::sendinput t/me grabs some materials and hides them{enter} t/getmats{enter}
f2::sendinput t/quitjob{enter} t/join{enter} t/accept job{enter}
f3::sendinput t/me smashes his fist through the window and enters the vehicle{enter} t/s I Need This{enter}
^numpad4::sendinput t/me holsters/unholsters his weapon{enter} t/reload 2{enter}
^numpad6::sendinput t/stats{enter}
^numpad7::sendinput t/lock{enter}
^numpad8::sendinput t/me checks his watch{enter} t/time{enter}
f9::sendinput t/s learn how to fucking drive jackass{enter}
=::sendinput t/me unzips his pants{enter} t/me pulls out his cock{enter} t/me pisses{enter} t/piss{enter}
\::sendinput t/handsup{enter}
'::sendinput t/accept bodyguard{enter}
^i::sendinput t/enter{enter} t/me opens the door and enters{enter}
^o::sendinput t/exit{enter} t/me opens the door and exits{enter}
^l::sendinput t/me laughs{enter} t/laugh{enter}
^s::sendinput t Many People Make Mistakes{enter} t You Have Just Made One That Will Cost You Your LIfe{enter} t/reload 2{enter}
^/::sendinput t/me crosses his arms{enter} t/crossarms 2{enter} t/crossarms 2{enter}
`::sendinput t/find 1{enter} t/skill 1{enter}
^c::sendinput t/s you fat fucking cunt{enter}
^v::sendinput t/s sorry i have tourettes{enter}

Just A Compilation Of A Few Of My Most Useful Binds, Feel Free To Use Them
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PostSubject: Re: AutoHotkey   AutoHotkey Icon_minitime

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