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 National Guard Binds (AutoHotKey)

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PostSubject: National Guard Binds (AutoHotKey)   Fri Mar 20, 2009 2:33 am


MButton:: SendInput t/me shocks the target with stun baton{Enter} t/tazer {Enter}

End:: SendInput t/s San Andreas National Guard{Enter}t/s Get your hand sin the fucking air or be shot down ((/handsup)){Enter}

F1:: SendInput t/me withdraws his Combat Knife{Enter}

F2:: SendInput t/me shoulders his M16 Assualt Rifle{Enter}

F3:: SendInput t/me pulls Gernade pin{Enter}t/s Fire in the hole{Enter}

F5:: SendInput tSir, your a Most Wanted criminal of San Andreas, your going to Prison{Enter}

F6:: SendInput t/r Air 1 Infantry, requesting extermination immediately{Enter}

F7:: SendInput t/me slings his M16 Assualt Rifle onto his back{Enter}

F8:: SendInput t/me pulls out a camera and snaps a shot{Enter}

F9:: SendInput t/me holsters/unholsters Deagle from boot holster{Enter}
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National Guard Binds (AutoHotKey)
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